This website is for what's on thro-out the year in and around the vault's bishops castle our home town.On here you will find dates for up coming event's like live music,festivals,open mic night's,Karaoke night's, Joey "g" decks, themed disco nights. The wayne martin band gig list. Off roading day's and tandum paragliding day's with british team pilot mark leavesley. After events there will be a gallery and video's section so people can come along and take a look at the fun had by those involved.

Come and see the new look vault's,we have been re-designing the interior and we now have a lot more space for you to dance the night away and party with us! (NOW WITH BUILT IN PA)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Dave painters birthday at the vault's!

We had a great night last night doing a disco and karaoke night for dave's birthday party,Some very funny attempt's at singing!!!! "if you can call it that" Justin can still not hold a tune to save his life and come to think of it rog carn't either!

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